About the owner:
Chris Caito’s training in massage is a well-rounded approach that encompasses not just treating the symptoms, but addressing the source of the problem. His focus is on athletes and providing massage for their specific needs to help them perform when it matters the most. It’s important to him to have a broad approach in education, training, and have a focused goal in treating their unique concerns.

Muscles can become weak from overuse and overworked because they are underdeveloped. Through massage and myofascial treatment, the body can begin to open up and receive necessary fluids and blood to nourish underdeveloped areas of the body. His focus is to treat the body as a whole and not simply focus on one specific area.This approach is accomplished by working the attachments of the muscle, addressing trigger points, and maintaining a smooth rhythmic flow throughout the session.

Chris Caito – Licensed Massage Therapist / Personal Trainer
FL License MA46024, International Sports Science Assoc.
2005 Graduate of The Humanities Center (Honors)


Though originally designed to help athletes perform at optimum levels during games, sports massage is growing in popularity as an effective treatment for sport-related injuries or limited range of motion for people of all ages and fitness levels.

We understand sport-related injuries and can help minimize pain, speed recovery, and help clients perform their best at their favorite activities with full range of motion.

Bringing nearly ten years of experience as an assistant coach for high school wrestling and competing in triathlon/Ironman competitions gives Chris more knowledge in depth of sports medicine and experience. An athlete treating athletes!