Massage Therapy

Our approach is prehab, not rehab, which is aimed at identifying, assessing, and treating potential issues before they become a major problem.

Manual therapy provides a number of health and wellness related benefits. These benefits are delivered in a natural and safe non-invasive method and thus, do not carry the harmful side effects associated with prescribed medications and the many invasive medical procedures used today. We offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage services. Whether it’s in your home, office, or any event, we’ll make it easy and convenient to fit all your needs.

So when you’re busy or have too much to do, RELAX Impact Wellness will come to you!

30 mins – $45
1 hour – $80
1.5 hours – $110
2 hours – $140

30 mins – $50
1 hour – $100
1.5 hours – $130

With therapy         $10-$15
Without therapy    $20-$25